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Shropshire lies
in the Heart of England, West
(left) of Birmingham at the Welsh border.

The inhabitants are proud of their history and the quietness of this part of England.


Most areas of Shropshire are rural, with fields and meadows.
But you also find industrial regions like the one around Telford.


Most mountains are of volcanic origin. Near Ellesmere are two Maars, lakes in volcano craters. The area is a paradise for bird watchers!

The Ironbridge, the oldest iron bridge in the world, is near Telford. The heart of the industrial revolution once was here. Nowadays you find lots of museums in the town - which is called Ironbridge, too.


You can see how pottery, tiles or china
were made. There also is a blast furnace,
a tartunnel and a museum town where everything looks like in the 19th century.

This is the church and the graveyard
of Ironbridge.

Andreas and I love English graveyards!

The Long Mynd is in the
South of Shrewsbury. It has lovely narrow lanes and offers a wonderful sight! Lots of sheep are on the heathen.

Long Mynd
Stokesay Castle

Some miles further South is
Stokesay Castle, the castle we love most.
Click the pic to see me sitting on the wall!

Stokesay Castle
Stokesay Castle

We wanted to visit
Clun Castle when we saw
this bridge in Clun.

Click the pic to see what happened next!


And here is a photo
with some beautiful
Shropshire cows on it ...

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