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About 30.000 years ago, the first human beings came
to the place where the River Severn is formed like a horse-shoe. Cows were there long before!

Charles Darwin

The most famous son of Shrewsbury is Charles Darwin, who developed the evolution

theory - something cows already knew 4.000 years before!

Flut Dezember 2000

Have you heard about the flooding in England in December 2001? Here is a picture of it, taken near Shrewbury Abbey.

English Bridge

Have you ever heard about Brother Cadfael? That’s the abbey where the medieval whodunnits of Ellis Peters take place. Andreas is working on a website about Brother Cadfael.

That’s how the Severn normaly looks like near the English Bridge. Click the pic to watch another nice photo of the bridge.

Shrewsbury Abbey

There are lots of swans on the Severn in Shrewsbury! We’ve never seen so many swans at one place before like here.

Tudor Häuser

Many Tudor houses of the 16th century are still standing. But Shrewsbury has a Multiplex cinema and many cosy pubs, too!

The Dingle

Shrewsbury Castle is the home of the museum of the Shropshire Regiment.

And that’s The Dingle, a nice park in the middle of Shrewsbury. There are park benches all around it to sit down, enjoy the sun and the view.

Haughmond Abbey

Only three miles
East of Shrewsbury are the
ruins of Haughmond Abbey. There’s nothing spectacular to watch like in Glastonbury - but
the keeper has time to explain you the history of the monastery!

Andreas was glad
that I eat chocolate
and hate eating flowers!

Haughmond Abbey

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