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Greenhouse - Visitor Centre

Here is the place where I
grew up when I was a baby bull.

Andreas and I come here every time we visit Shropshire!

That’s the room where
Andreas and I first met.
The Visitor’s Centre is the
start of a two to four miles tour through the Hawkstone Park.

Mein Geburtshaus
The Urn

That’s The Urn.
Although most Shropshire hills
are of volcanic origin, this is a chalk and iron rock. It must have been the ground of an ocean long time ago ...

The view from the
White Tower, where
Lord Wellington explains the battle of Waterloo to Lord Hawkstone.

Swiss Bridge

The first look at the Druid Cave.

Ginger Bread Hall
White Tower

The Swiss Bridge ...

You don’t have to cross it!
There’s another track for people who are afraid of heigth. The bridge was closed in 2001 -
but we walked over it anyway ...

Druid Cave

It’s nice walking through Ginger Bread Hall
after a rain shower!

Druid Cave

Here is the Druid Cave,
made by man long before Christ.

There’s nothing special to see
on the way back - only the impressing nature ...

But it’s a hard way up and down
all the time and you’re glad for every possibility to have a rest ...

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