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Beachy Head

I can recommend Canterbury or Hastings
 for your first day in England. That’s not too far away from Dover. Canterbury has a nice historic town centre and the cathedral is remarkable! Hastings, well known because of the battle in 1066 when the Normans conquered England, is a lovely seaside resort and not so crowdy and full of tourists from abroad like Brighton.


If you drive westward along the coast on the A259, you’ll get to Eastbourne (left) and Beachy Head (up there). That’s one of the worlds highest chalk cliffs. The tiny thing in the middle is a light house! The English say, ‘It’s the most beautiful place to commit suicide.’ ...

Passing Portsmouth (where the HMS Victory lies), you get to Dorset. We took this picture (right) in Corfe Castle, a small picturesque town near the sea. Click the pic and you’ll see some lovely Dorset cows!

Corfe Castle
Ashdell House

Andreas sometimes says
I’m a naughty bull. This receipt from a B&B proves the opposite!
The landlady was really
impressed by me!

Visit Glastonbury or Stonehenge on your way to Shropshire!
That’s Powis Castle in Wales. It’s known for its park and gardening.

Powis Castle

That’s the Snowdon in North Wales. The right place if you’re a nature freak. The Peak District area (between Manchester and Sheffield) looks similar ...

Hunstanton is a small seaside resort
at the Wash, in the Northwest of Norfolk.
It’s wonderful to walk along the cliffs during
low tide. But beware of the high tide! Next to Hunstanton is Sandringham Hall, the residence of late Queen Mum. The ruins of Castle Rising, the lavender field near Heacham or King’s Lynn
are worth seeing, too!


A typical English street. If you don’t love to live in luxury - the English B&Bs are cheap and good!

That’s a very big street in Norfolk. You normaly find wonderful narrow lanes all over England. A paradise for bikers.
We also love the roundabouts! Best for bikers like us!

Sunday morning
at the North Sea
in Great Yarmouth ...
Relax and enjoy the view ...

That’s not Monaco but Great Yarmoth by night! You find palm trees here!

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