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One of my hobbies is collecting
stones and seashells.

Wendy from Norfolk, England, found this shell on the beach, scanned it and sent the picture via email! But I have many more shells! Andreas and
I collected the stone I love most at Beachy Head (East Sussex).
Cornelia from Germany sent me many shells from her holidays at the German North Sea.


Here is a postcard Cornelia sent me
from her second stay at the North Sea - she addressed it ‘Augustus The Fluffy Bull’! Click the pic and you’ll see another very nice postcard!

I got this
dinosaur last Christmas.

I wanted to have a real one - like in Jurrasic Park -
but Andreas refused to buy me one. He’s a spoilsport!

What else do I do?
Andreas and I enjoy reading in bed; German books as well as English books. The Harry-Potter-Books in English are great! But we like to read medieval whodunnits too - especially the Cadfael Chronicles by Ellis Peters. They take place in my home county Shropshire!


I love riding motorcycles!
I sit in Andreas’ rucksack, let the wind blow around my horns and watch the gorgeous cows on the pastures.

Click onto the sign
to get to Andreas’ Kawasaki Estrella website!

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