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I would like to present
you my friends on this site.

drück Nelson!!!

This is my old friend Nelson.
He’s a fluffy sheep and comes from St. Leonard’s-on-Sea near Hastings, East Sussex. We have been friends since 1996. Nelson has slight problems with his eyes but it’s not that bad!

George ,  Nelson und ich

Here am I with Nelson and George who is a rainbow-bear from Shrewsbury in Shropshire.
The photo was taken in a B&B in Hastings in 1998.

George II

No, that’s not George!
That’s George II and he comes from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. He is a cousin of George.
George II joined our gang in 2001.


Cowasaki is only a few weeks older - and from Norfolk, too. He has a challenging job. He has to take care of the replacement keys of Andreas’ motorbike. He’s a bit too young to look after the main keys.


That’s Lionel, an Easter bunny.

He’s a hand puppet. Some say his job is to warm eggs ...


Robin is a football
Beanie Bear and he has
the English flag on his nose! Click Robin and you can watch a pic of Robin and George II ...

Zwerg, Hedges, Dino + Authumla

I got this garden gnome, so that Nelson doesn’t have to play torero with me any longer. Nelson’s a
cow-ard. The red hood of the gnome always drives me mad. The bunny is called Hedges and the little cow is called Authumla.


And last but not least
Mumble and Paula.
Both come from the


 I nearly forgot him!
That’s Andreas - together with me in a B&B in Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire.
He’s always that tired!


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